2012 MDGs-DRG M & E Exercise in Nigeria

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Moving on with the EAZEE SURV Platform

Now that we are embarking on field visit, it is important that we take time to review the Eazee Surv Platform and feedback gotten from the field through the field alert section of the platform. 

1. Please note that not all projects in every state have not been uploaded to the platform. We expect you to continue uploading your data using the PROJECT LIST as the primary guide and data source. In a case like that you cannot find the project on the platform but it is on the list, please enter the data as new (select New under PROJECT TYPE). The platform has been designed to accept new projects and allocate code to them. It is important that in the project description, YOU INDICATE THE PROJECT CODE IN THE LIST. It is only through this that we can reconcile the projects during the data analysis stage. However where the project is not in the list nor on the platform, you indicate that it is an entirely new project identified in the field.

 2. Note that all nationwide projects implemented across the federation by the FMDAs have been uploaded to the platform. You can find these projects under NATIONWIDE (you will find Nationwide under select state).

3. The feedback we got from the field suggest that when new projects are uploaded, it changes the total number of projects to be monitored. YES, it will change and the code number will also change. At the data preparation and analysis, we will reconcile the number. BUT IT IS IMPORTANT YOU INDICATE WHICH IS TOTALLY NEW (NOT ON THE PLATFORM AND NOT IN THE PROJECT LIST). Through this it will be easy for us to reconcile.

 4. The PROJECT LIST shared with you previously, remains your primary source of your data. Please let it always accompany you and guide you in whatever you do. 

  5. For the Supervisors, it is quite important to note that they have not done their job if they have not verified the data uploaded from the field by clicking UPDATE. It is only when they verify it that the data can be added to the national database. 

6. Please also indicate in clearly indicate year of projects implemented in the project description (especially for CGS and if possible Quickwins). Also feedback from some states indicate that there exists LGA CGS (these are CGS projects implemented by the LGs), please clearly indicate this in the project description. 

6. Please always endeavor to use the FIELD ALERT section to let us know of issues emanating from the field and also on the platform. It is only through this way that we can work together and promptly resolve any issue that may negatively affect the field work. Please quickly call the telephone numbers available on the platform should the issue need very urgent attention. 
For further information, you can also send email to info@eazeesurv.com


With the completion of field staff profiling, the questionnaire to aid field data collection will be sent out very soon. We hope that all field staff must have logged into the platform to familiarize themselves with the environment. Meanwhile, if there is any organisation whose staff have not gotten the user name and password to access the platform, please urgently call Tim (08034544501) or Okey (08062118203). 


Please be informed that the joint inception report is due. You are required to submit your report on or before 20th November, 2013.